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    Oswald the Otter

    Once a year, when the snows have passed and the green grass begins to bloom again, Old Grandotter Oswald leaves the comfort of the holt to go on a journey.

    Narrative designer and writer for a game about Oswald the Otter for the Slow Game Jam.

    The Lights of Volkna

    Adventure game prototype

    An adventure game prototype with a strong narrative thread. Examples of narrative design, world building, dialogue, item descriptions, and environmental narrative.


    Casual game prototype

    You are an apothecary harvesting your unusual zoological and botanical collection in this simple game. Examples of item descriptions and environmental design.

    Monster Orphanage

    Worked in a team of 4 to provide art assets and art direction to produce music puzzle game Monster Orphanage at the Global Game Jam.


    Narrative designer and writer for a conservation-themed mobile game concept. Produced a GDD and pitched as part of MA project. I wrote the story for KuoKoa (page 7) as well as the animal biographies (pages 27, 29-31).

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    Analyses of game narrative and short pieces of fiction

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    2017年2月1日 · narrative,firewatch,horror
  • Freelance Scriptwriter - Ubisoft

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    MA in Digital Games: Theory and Design

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